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The ZenBox Collection

During these uncertain and often stressful times, it is important to continue,
as best we can, our traditions of both giving and self-care. 
While "social distancing" may keep us from celebrating together in person, 
Essentially Zen hopes, in some small way, to help you nevertheless
show some (much needed) love to your friends and family (or even yourself) 
with our curated or custom ZenBoxes.

ZenBoxes are the perfect gift for any special occasion!


Our ZenBoxes provide a great gifting option for fans, both new and old, of Essentially  Zen. 


Each ZenBox contains a curated selection of artisan House Soaps, Specialty Soaps, and Bath Bombs, and is specifically tailored to your preferred fragrance profile (chose up to 2 per box).


If you're unsure about what to pick, select "Surprise Me!" 

and let us personally curate your ZenBox with a selection of our most popular soaps & bath bombs. 

Soap & Bath Bomb Bundles 

Looking for a quick way to restock some of your favorite fragrances or event try something new? 

Our Soap & Bath Bundles come with a selection of artisan soaps & bath bombs

(minus the gift packaging) that provide the perfect way to help you maintain your Zen.

Custom ZenBoxes

Custom Gifting


Need something extra special for that

extra special person, occasion, or event?


Essentially Zen LOVES custom gifting

(and we think we're pretty good at it too...)


Our professional curated gift boxes are the

perfect gifting choice for Mother's Day,

birthdays, holidays, anniversaries,

housewarming gifts, client appreciation, or bridesmaids gifts and wedding welcomes.

CLICK on "Custom ZenBox" to start creating your perfect gift design today! 


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