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Soy Candles

The Soy Candle Collection

Whether giving as a gift or purchasing for yourself, candles are the perfect accessory to 

set the mood, freshen up your living space, or help you indulge in a little bit of rest, relaxation, and self-care.

Essentially Zen carefully selects each artisan candlemaker featured in our retail boutique

and online store to ensure that that our candle offerings represent only the very best

in terms of their aesthetics, safety, burn times, and of course, fragrance profiles.

Supporting sustainability (and environmentally-conscious artisans) is also deeply important to 

Essentially Zen. To that end, our soy wax candle offerings provide a healthy and environmentally-friendly

alternative to traditional paraffin candle products.  Made from soybeans, soy wax candles produce

a toxin-free burn; maintain a lower melting point, which means a lower risk of burns to the skin; 

and ultimately provide cleaner, longer-lasting fragrances and increased burn times.

Are you a local candlemaker who would like to have your products featured by Essentially Zen,

either online or in our retail boutique?  Feel free to contact us for more information on how may be able to partner!