Body Frosting

Body Frosting

Essentially Zen is so excited to bring this new collection of body butters

(actually, make that Body Frostings!), Bath Teas, and Body/Facial Scrubs to our online store.

After initially offering our body frosting through private "pocket" sales to our fans on social,

the demand was so great that we had to make them formally available through our online store.

Our double-whipped (yeah, double-whipped!) Body Frosting is handmade exclusively

inside of our studio. They are absolutely fantastic for nurturing dry or damaged skin.

Fans of long, relaxing baths will also love our Bath Teas ( and more are on the way). Baths are an

essential part of our self-care and wellness routines. In addition to making you feel relaxed

and luxurious, a warm soak can help to increase circulation, relax your muscles,

and improve  your overall mood (...we vote yes to all of that!)


And finally, our Face+Body Scrubs are a great way to incorporate exfoliating into your daily beauty routine. 

Scrubs help remove ingrained dirt, remove dead skin, and improve the overall health and appearance of your skin.